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by Zsolt Szénási 

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SmartSportSystem offers seminars and events next to regular classes.

Are you interested in hosting a seminar at your own dojo? Please send us a request and we will get back to you about possible dates and rates.

Regular classes for SmartGUARD resume on Sept. 11th. More info here.

Here you'll find the upcoming international events - for detailed information, please take a look at our facebook event pages - just follow this link


Smart Reality of Art and Fight - Fällanden/Zurich, CH


Style Independent Martial Art & Self-defense seminar!
You do not have to know the forms!
What we will practice:
- improve your body awareness
- small details & precision in movements
- smart solo drills
- useful partner drills
- real and effective interpretation of the technics, movements & forms
- tactical interpretation of the movements
- close combat-selfdefense interpretation of the movements
- submission & ground fight interpretation of the movements
- vital point interpretation of the movements
- martial power & inner energy exercises
- health defense exercises
Saturday - Sunday
09.00 - 15.00
Shitokai Glattal
Tämperlistrasse 3 8117 Fällanden
Contact info:
Egon Diem
+41797768620 whatsapp


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