Smart Sport System

by Zsolt Szénási 

SmartSHITO World Martial Art Concept

The revolution of martial art and karate-jutsu

The emblem of shito ryu is a perfect circle, perfect harmony.
The cross lines ensure internal stability, strong internal dynamics, and quick passage and connection within the circle itself.
Thus, it provides really secure foundations.
However, after a while, the circle closes on itself., with no way out!

All systems must communicate with external systems. Therefore, SmartSHITO opens the circle.
In addition to secure foundations, it collects and organizes new information, while still passing on the original knowledge. This is when Shi To is no longer a style, but a concept.

Itosu (shi) and Higaonna (to) were the most important and decisive masters of the Okinawan fighting systems. They collected almost everything that had reached Okinawa up to that point, and they provided the foundations for almost everything that developed after them and spread from Okinawa under the name Ryukyu Kempo (Okinawan summary). In this way, virtually all modern karate / kempo styles, trends or schools are related to "shi to".

SmartSHITO goes beyond all of that.

In SmartSHITO we are constantly researching the techniques, principles and methods of different martial arts systems and masters, as well as the anatomy of the human body and the use of body awareness.
SmartSHITO combines the meaningful classical martial art with modern ways and science. 

What does SmartSHITO provide?

1. A better understanding and knowledge of the true origins and true depths of our own style, as well as its relation to all martial arts.

2. A broad insight into the methodology of all martial arts

3. Certified diplomas with international recognition.

The SmartSHITO Concept includes:

  • creative kihon
  • direct kihon
  • smart drills
  • tactical bunkai
  • goshin bunkai
  • kyusho bunkai
  • submission bunkai
  • shiai bunkai
  • professional competition winning system
  • complete examination syllabus