Smart Sport System

by Zsolt Szénási 

SmartGUARD -Civil Kyusho Defense

Our motto at Smart Guard is „Feel SAFE, feel FREE“ – how does that work with a self-defense programme?

SmartGUARD is:

Instinctive - Natural - Healthy

Easy - Effective - Enjoyable

The philosophy behind SmartGUARD is, that it offers more than just self-protection.

We see it as the latest and most modern step of redefining civilian self-defense by combining innovative training methods, scientific developments and the ancient knowledge of martial arts.

Our easy-to-learn concept has its priorities in focusing on instinctive and natural reactions and body awareness that will be the most effective way of reacting to stressful or dangerous situations.
We’re only not talking about actual physical fighting here – SmartGuard will serve you in your everyday’s life, help you stay physically and mentally healthy and guide you on your way to effective problem solving. Sounds fun? It is!

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Still- what about self-defense?

Nowadays, with the world having become a rather insane place, everyone needs self-defense. Often women, children and the elderly are particularly at risk.
When you face a real attack it will happen suddenly, unexpectedly and you’ll have to react on pure instinct. So our techniques are based on exactly those instinctual and natural movements.

Many other self-defense programmes out there have a military/paramilitary aspect which might often prove harmful both to body and mind - our SmartGuard wants to keep the ‚civilian‘ status. Plus, another huge benefit of SmartGuard is that our concept works for really everyone – it doesn’t require physical strength or martial arts knowledge. It’s also very suitable for small people.

Training focuses on:
*instinctive self-defense
* based on natural energy flow, it revitalizes and invigorates your body and spirit
* with its exercises, it raises your body awareness to the maximum level
* with its functional training, it develops the core, skeletal and muscle system of the body for better physical      health and endurance
* developing mental strength and endurance
* stress relief
* personal growth

Want a glimpse into SmartGuard applied? There are some examples on our Youtube channel:

Okay – so SmartGuard teaches self defense – but what does Kyusho mean?

Kyusho (also Dim Mak/Tsubo/Vital Point/Pressure Point) literally means life point. The essence of kyusho is attacking the body’s energy paths(meridians), nerve paths and special points, Based on anatomical foundations, neurological knowledge and elements of traditional Chinese medicine you can imagine Kyusho as the reversed effect of acupressure and acupunture. With SmartGuard you use your natural movement flow to accurately trigger these points – it will keep you safe in the most efficient way.

Does SmartGuard offer different programmes?

Yes, of course! SmartGuard is for all – but available in comfortable groups – click here for more details!