Smart Sport System

by Zsolt Szénási 

EKA -European Kyusho Academy

European Kyusho Academy - EKA is a style independent, non political,
neutral research and educational alliance,  founded in 2005 in Budapest, Hungary.  The EKA has representatives for countries, styles and departments. (You can find a list of official representatives and countries here) 
It consists of three main pillars, which are:

* martial arts skills

* medical acupuncture

* energy / qi gong

The philosophy of EKA teaches that all the fighting techniques must be precise, accurate, intentional and
conscious. We must be fully aware of what we are doing – and be able to restore what we may have
That’s the essence of the European Kyusho Academy.

So what exactly does the EKA do? 

We research anatomical and energetic details of the human body, and bring that into
martial arts. With that knowledge we search for the most efficient techniques, elaborate, practice and teach them. This way we can put Kyusho into real, effective movements and teach efficient applications.
It is also of utmost importance to master and teach resuscitation, revival, energetic reparation and healing.
With the help of Kyusho, martial arts and combat sports can be practiced in a healthier and more effective way. Knowing the vital points we can introduce the original interpretations of martial motions and movements and combinations.
Following these principles it is our goal to train high qualified Kyusho instructors. We welcome Martial Artists of various styles to make Kyusho a part of their art.

How does the EKA do that?

We work with a 3 way system:

1. EKA Kyusho Open Seminars
Anybody over the age of 16 can participate. These seminars will be held by official EKA instructors and are open to any martial arts style. Here you can get your first glance at Kyusho and how to make it a part of your martial art life.

2. EKA Level Education System
EKA has own, world - unique, extremely effective, progressive way of Kyusho Jitsu education for all kind of martial art or fighting sports. This step by step educational method helps you to get the widest, deepest
knowledge of Kyusho. It is a 10 level system, only for martial artists, with practical training for the various styles. It will redefine your individual style, give you a deeper understanding and make Kyusho a part of your repertoire.

During completing the levels, you will understand and adopt all the ancient knowledge of Kyusho jitsu step by step; from the base to the professional integration into your own martial art.
Each level finishes by a theoretical and a practical, exam.
Completing these exams qualifies for Kyusho-practicing at the given level and enrolling for the next level.
Completing the levels for instructors entitles you to teach Kyusho jitsu at the given level.
Completing any EKA level is authenticated by a certificate and the exam by a diploma, which is recognized by most international associations.

3. SmartGUARD Civil Kyusho Defense
The SmartGUARD is a separate franchise system, which allows you to glimpse into the EKA without martial arts experience. Learn more about SmartGUARD here.

You would like to know more or apply as possible EKA member? Please feel free to contact us for details!

You are already a member of the EKA and want to access the Members Only Area? Click HERE.