Smart Sport System

by Zsolt Szénási 

Zsolt Szénási

Zsolt Szénási, the founder of SmartSportSystem, has been practicing Martial Arts since 1978. His home Dojo is based in beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

Carrying the 10. Dan Ryūkū Kenpo + Kyūsho Jutsu, 7. Dan Shito Ryū,
5.Dan Shōtōkan Ryū, being Chief Instructor of the European Kyūsho Academy and having experience in several others styles, Zsolt never stops learning and improving his skills.  He has been travelling the globe giving seminars, coaching Martial Arts athletes including Olympic champions, being an instructor for armed forces and is always looking forward to sharing his knowledge and meeting other people with the same passion. - You can find a detailed list of his sportive career here.

His concept of teaching in a very natural way, dissecting and simplifying techniques has proven to be very efficient and can be applied to various Martial Arts styles. He's very honest and direct in his way and will always take the time to answer your questions. His modest, yet charming nature  creates a positive mood and makes his seminars a pleasant experience.

Next to teaching Martial Arts he is also a horsemanship instructor and tango argentino teacher. Having developed an eye for the detail over the years, he also enjoys photography.

Zsolt, born in 1964, has studied physical education and sport management and held several management positions in international companies before deciding to dedicate his life to Martial Arts. His two children are following his footsteps with his son taking the path of Martial Arts and his daughter running a dancing school.